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Spa Trends

Trends are always fun to look at and when it comes to spaaing, evolution is the name of the game.

Here are a few of my favourites that are changing the way spas do business; I hope they’ll provide you with some food for thought as the year unfolds.

Energy Medicine

Believer or not, modern research is finally backing up the efficacy of energy medicine.

The ancients knew how to harness the nature’s bio-rhythms from the get-go, and from a spa perspective, there’s a growing understanding of what delivering a mind-body-spirit treatment really means in terms of authenticity.

Speed Spa

Quick service hair, nail and makeup outfits are opening up in most major cities, each with a very limited list of pre-chosen looks that are illustrated with photographs, seemingly geared to the point-and-click generation.

Instant ‘I want that look’ speed-spa services

Adventure Spaaing

Offering unique combinations of sweat-inducing physical activity and therapeutic spa services, these exciting destinations appeal as much to Alpha achievers seeking the perfect endorphin rush as to less driven personalities.

More about Adventure Spaaing

Adventure Spa Destinations

Fish Therapy

Having fish nibbling at your feet in the name of spa health sounds creepier than it really is.  In fact, this fish therapy is such a novelty that it’s usually found in places like the Florida Keys, and other culturally off-beat sunshine-locales where passers-by can shun their flip flops and dive their feet, toes-first, into a schoal of fins.

Golf Ball Massager

Golf balls are teeing up to be one of the simplest, most talked about do-it-yourself massage tools on the market. 

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