The Lost Continent of Atlantis Has Risen from the Shores of Paradise To Share its Utopian Treasures
By Jane & Brent Cassie
Photos by Brent Cassie
Contributing Writers for Travelink Publishing

Once upon a time, as told by the Greek philosopher, Plato, a huge island continent existed eleven thousand years ago, which spanned the Atlantic Ocean from the straits of Gibraltar to the new American world. It was said to have been the nearest place to paradise on earth, bounteous in fruits, vegetables, fragrant flowers and herbs, and marvelous temples sparkling with gold, silver and brass. Residing amongst the gods were fantastic creatures that roamed this land and an extraordinary utopian civilization who enjoyed abundance, harmony and riches. Eventually their wealth turned to greed, and greed led to corruption.

As punishment, the almighty gods created earthquakes and tidal waves that swallowed up this entire land in just one day and night sinking it to the depths of the great Atlantic. Or so the tale was told. Whether reality or myth, the lost continent of Atlantis continues to fascinate scientists and philosophers alike, and some claim that this mystical land may one day rise from the sea.

As we crested the arched bridge connecting the Bahamian capital, Nassau to Paradise Island, we could see why the four hundred and eighty million-dollar Royal Towers expansion had been quoted the ‘crown jewel of Atlantis.’ Heaven-bound domes, massive archways and glistening spires rise majestically from a sea of turquoise and powder sandy shores. Rearing bronzed horses stand guard over the palatial Hall of Waters lobby that sparkle in treasured splendor. Intricately carved Grecian-style pillars soar seventy feet above to a gold gilded dome rotunda, and encompassing murals tell the legendary tale without words. We admired the glass and brass sculptures symbolizing many mythical sea creatures and oohed and aahed at schools of live colorful tropicals from the lobby’s ‘Ruins Lagoon.’ In the successful recreation of this magical land, ancient gods continue to reign over its fifty-acre empire where glossy marbled walkways lead to twenty-three hundred five-star guest accommodations and thirty-eight themed restaurants and lounges!

Water, water, everywhere and we mean everywhere. Eleven million gallons in fact, circulates to entertain and maintain this lost continent wonderland. From the lobby’s Great Hall Of Waters, we journeyed back eleven thousand years, where the underground Dig revealed recreated underwater Atlantic ruins, ancient hieroglyphics, and chambers boasting exotic sea-life.

Home to forty thousand water-loving creatures, Atlantis is in fact, the world’s largest marine habitat next to Mother Nature herself! Meandering pathways led us to lagoons, pools, tunnels and bridges where we peered at piranhas, shuddered at sharks and studied the sting rays.

When it was our turn to tread a little water, we had a blast living out a few childhood fantasies. Geronimo! hailed Brent, before taking the sixty-foot, almost vertical, ‘Leap of Faith’ from out of the six-story life-size Mayan temple gates.
From other sliding sensations to river rafting relaxation, we trusted tubes while enjoying cascading waterfalls and the lush vegetation surroundings. Our tropical splash continued from the resort’s eleven playful pools offering assorted water toys and scuba lessons, to the crystal clear emerald Atlantic waves, where offshore excursions were available and miles of sandy shores were free to roam.

With more water tricks up his sleeve, Poseidon, the God of the Seas, also offered the ultimate in pampering with divine spa specialties. From aromatherapy and body wraps to steam rooms and thermal pools, the spa’s twenty-five thousand square feet of utopian pleasure promises to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul!

For solid-ground enthusiasts, aerobic and conditioning classes compliment the full range ‘state of the art’ gym facilities and the sports center entices tennis buffs, basketball enthusiasts and volleyballers. A brand new putting course is on site and eighteen-holes of golf greenery are also nearby, boasting fabulous ocean vistas from three of its sides.

Catering to kids was also a big focus, and while the little ones enjoyed abundant Discovery Channel Camp activities, us bigger kids danced to the music of live bands, tugged on one-armed bandits, and tried our luck at the eighty gaming tables in this largest casino in the Caribbean. Dale Chihuly’s dynamic glass sculptures, Temple of the Moon and Temple of the Stars watch over it all, and this dazzling hub of Atlantean activity is bordered by Poseidon’s massive throne on one side, and the enormous Crystal Gate glass sculpture on the other. Beyond each, lie luxurious shops, extensive convention facilities, and la crème de la crème of accommodations.

While enjoying the opulence, the abundance, and the riches of this treasured paradise we pondered, ‘Did Atlantis once really exist or is this legendary tale just a myth? Will this lost continent one day rise from the sea as some predict?’

You may think that it already has after experiencing Sun International’s created resurgence of this mystical land!

If You Go:

P.O. Box N-4777
Nassau, Bahamas
Phone: 242-363-3000
Fax: 242-363-3524

For reservations:
1-800-ATLANTIS or
1-800-321-3000 or

Consult your local travel agent for the selection of airlines and flights to the Nassau.

Upon arrival, transportation can easily be arranged from the Nassau International (thirty minutes away) or Paradise Island airport (five minutes away) directly to Atlantis on Paradise Island.

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