Energy Medicine

the new spa force

by Chris Mcbeath

Believer or not, modern research is finally backing up the efficacy of energy medicine.  For many of us, it’s been a long time coming. The ancients knew how to harness the nature’s bio-rhythms  from the get-go, and from a spa perspective, there’s a growing understanding of what delivering a mind-body-spirit treatment really means in terms of authenticity.

Energy Hot Spots
Explore the concept deeper and you come to understand that there are specific healing places on earth as much as there are earth emanations to avoid.  The latter in particular, are revealed in the Hartmann Net and the Curry Grid map that identify geomagnetic disturbance points all over the world where over time, have proven to be detrimental to health.  Shamans, dowsers, and many intuitives as well as animals, will never build a dwelling, live or sleep over these spots.

It’s little wonder, then, that some of the most intoxicating spa environments are actually those that have a resonance with the earth; and is why so many spas try to incorporate as many earth elements as possible into their locale.   Connection to the earth helps normalize the daily rhythm of our stress hormone with subtle electrical charges.  Why do you think walking barefoot in the grass or through the sand feels so good?

Because touch is such an essential component to any spa treatment, the best spa practitioners are those trained in body energetics be it a background in Reiki, Therapeutic Touch or similar discipline.  In massage, the benefits are multi-fold because there’s an understanding that go beyond stimulating circulation (thereby enhancing the body’s immune and detoxification systems) and relaxing muscle, massage also unblocks the body’s energy channels and re-shapes the entire physical structure to make it more energetically efficient. For example, while poor posture can lead to physical debilitation and poor body mechanics, massage can realign the body so that internal electrical systems get firing on all cylinders once again.

Sound and Smell
Hearing is said to be the last sense to leave us when we exit this world, and is such a strong vibrationary force that it has the power to inspire, sadden and relax. Music therapy has long been used to help with various medical and psychiatric disorders, and is often used to improve learning, reduce stress, and health-related issues.  Energy medicine has shown that relaxed muscles ‘sing’ or vibrate at a particular resonance so using music to influence relaxation can literally retune us to better health. and that music can literally retune that resonance to health.  Smell, which is hard-wired to our experience is a popular adjunct to the spa experience, especially in massage because when accompanied with positive aromas, it influences our state of relaxation.

The Eyes Have It
Since sight comprises 75% of our learning experience, our eyes connect us to a vast energetic network – the brain and all the electro-connections it makes every nano-second.  Light therapy is just one form of energy medicine that connects to specific wavelengths of light to enhance overall well being.  SAD lights and the healing colors of the rainbow is no quirks of nature; each has a quality that resonates with a particular vibration within our bodies.  Food colors, from orange carrots to red beets to green spinach, all reflect particular qualities which not only accounts for a chef’s artistry, it also explains why we are attracted to certain foods at certain times.



So the next time you’re visiting a spa, take not of its connections – to your senses, to its locale, and to the earth.  Biomedicine is still somewhat reluctant to embrace the concept of Energy Medicine but it’s there, in full force, and a growing number of healing spas.

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