Qua Baths @ Caesars Palace

Bath havens - Rome meets Asia in Las Vegas

Qua Baths & Spa @ Caesars Palace (www.harrahs.com/qua-caesars-palace/) QuarBaths is top class branding and Las Vegas showmanship – a 21st century Roman-inspired pleasure that has set the standard for “gathering space” spas.

Innovation makes this a must-try spa, especially since prices are comparatively reasonable -- spa amenities are complimentary with all spa treatments or you can enjoy them without services with a $45 day pass.

The Roman baths consist of three distinct pools of varying temperatures: the Tepidarium, a warm mineral-enriched bath, the hotter Caldarium and the much cooler Frigidarium.  You can also languish in the co-ed circular Laconium sauna where the climate is kept at a constant 140 degrees and 35 per cent humidity – the optimum conditions for relaxation.  This is where you can eavesdrop on whispered business transactions and gossip; in true Roman tradition, the Laconium is quite the hot spot for get togethers.  The Arctic room is a real treat. The floor and benches are heated even though the room temperature is a crisp 55 degrees – cold enough to have snow fall from the ceiling and melt on your hot skin. Qua’s menu of services runs the gamut of wet rooms with Vichy showers to a Crystal body art room where, you’ve guessed it, a body scrub and massage is combined with a style of Swarovski TM body art. Is this is why spa practitioners are called artisans? It might sound somewhat anomalous, but if you’re serious about energy-related treatments, Qua has some of the better ones available. Energy workers are good and if you’re tuned in to this type of treatment, they might even satiate your sensitized know-how.

Recommend: Chakra Balancing Treatment – a combination of energy and massage that balances your energy centers after which your body artist will gift you a special stone charm chakra necklace
Love: the in-house tea sommelier who pairs various teas with spa treatments as wine is matched to fine food.  The dream-interpretation coach runs a close second.


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