13 12, 2023

Dresden’s Radical Renaissance

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By Chris McBeath For three long February nights in 1945, some 1,100 Allied Forces aircraft dropped more than 3,000 tons of munitions onto the city Dresden, creating a swirling firestorm that had the force of a hurricane. For eight nights the burning glow could be seen more than 160 km away. And when it subsided, the city’s core had been reduced to 15 sq km of smoldering rubble. The [...]

2 12, 2023

Temple House Country Inn

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Where the Knights Templar meet the Wild Atlantic Way By Chris McBeath The cigars were more than years old yet they tasted as if they had been rolled yesterday, and amidst the billows of smoke, we were transported into a bygone era. And that’s what a visit to Temple House in County Sligo is all about.  Surrounded by a history tangible enough to taste, you feel like a [...]

2 11, 2023

Astaire to Bagpipes in Belgium

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By Chris McBeath Red Star Line Museum, Antwerp Without the Red Star Line, the likes of Fred Astaire and Irving Berlin may never have inspired our creative world so expansively; former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir may never stepped onto the world stage, and without Arthur Murray my Aunt Julie may never have learned to Waltz. These were just a handful of the roughly 60 million migrants who left Germany [...]

28 10, 2023

Ireland’s Magnificent Reality Show ~ A drive on the wild side 

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For Travel Writers Tales By Chris McBeath At first blush, hurricane-force winds, horizontal downpours and a thunderous sea lashing up against some of the highest and most jagged cliffs in Europe, wouldn’t normally be on my bucket list.  But driving Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way  (WAW) is an absolute must.  As the world’s longest defined coastal driving route, it is one of the most multi-experiential adventures to be had. [...]

27 10, 2023

Behind the Scenes of London’s Grandest Stages

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For Travel Writers Tales By Chris McBeath If discovering the secrets of superstitions of some of London’s grandest stages is a mouthwatering temptation, then the West End is where it’s at. The Theatre Royal There’s a ghost or two in London’s oldest, continuously running theatre – Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Actor Charles Macken still nudges actors to recall forgotten lines, and watch for the man in grey [...]

23 10, 2023

Amberley Castle is Camelot in Disguise

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By Chris McBeath On a whim, I had opened the private, oak door from our bedroom and crept up the dark, narrow stone spiral stairway; it was lit only by the moonlight piercing through the narrow shafts of the thick castle walls. As the sound of my feet echoed back trough the centuries, I wondered how many had gone before me. Now, standing on the battlements while my husband [...]

20 10, 2023

Prague on the Fly

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A 48 hour sojourn By Chris McBeath Sometimes a cab ride, like the one I took in Prague, is an adventure unto itself. Although the railway station was only a few blocks from the Iron Gate Hotel in the heart of Old Town, the confusing journey along the city’s historic cobblestone streets took almost 25 minutes, and in the dark of night there were moments I questioned where [...]

18 10, 2023

The Sami’s Christmas Secret

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By Chris McBeath Despite every historical rendition, you can rest assured that Santa’s reindeer, from Rudolph to Blitzen, had to be a girl. But then the Sami, the indigenous people of Europe’s most northerly climes, have always known that. As the traditional herders of these gangly, magnificent animals, the Sami in Norway and Sweden have exclusive rights over reindeer husbandry and its affiliated occupations. Indeed, if a non-Sami (a [...]

14 10, 2023

Coimbra – the Pride of Portugal

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By Chris McBeath When I think of robes and academia, the staff at Hogwarts comes to mind. Snapes billowing down ancient corridors, bats passing through mournful apparitions, and eclectic treasures appearing at every corner. Then I discovered Portugal's Coimbra University. One of the world's oldest universities (est. 1290) may not offer moving staircases or turreted spires, but Coimbra is said to have inspired some of JK Rowling's imaginings. The [...]

13 10, 2023

Bergen Beat

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By Chris McBeath As one of Europe’s most cultural cities, beautiful Bergen offers international ambiance and historic elegance at every cobblestone turn. These top choices will, at the very least, help you prioritize how to get the very most diversity out of your stay. And they’ll likely leave you wanting more. 1. Bergen Card If you enjoy sight-seeing, the Bergen Card is the best investment you can make; it [...]