Middle East

19 10, 2023

The Sands of Memory at El Alamein

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By Chris McBeath Every year just for a moment, the world spins a little slower. Sadly however, every year there are fewer souls who even notice. The last of the ‘old guard’ is passing on, and a ‘new guard’ both in and out of uniform must carry their torch. For many, there’s a dis-connect to the meaning of Remembrance Day. It’s a national holiday. A day off school. A [...]

20 08, 2023

Desert Safari to the Dead Sea

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By Chris McBeath Camels can be mighty disagreeable. But when you’re riding one to cross Israel’s Negev Desert to the Dead Sea, their tempers dissipate under the sweltering sun, and you both settle into an awkward, rhythmic, sway.  For the curious mind, it’s not long before you also come to appreciate the finesse of a camel’s engineering. Camel Quirks & Other Contradictions For example, camels urinate backwards to cool [...]

5 08, 2023

Turkey’s Whirling Dervish

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At One with the Universe By Chris McBeath for Travel Writers Tales The whirling dervishes have become such an iconic tourist commodity that visitors can see their mesmerizing meditations performed in train station halls, cultural centers, and even converted hammams (steam baths).  For many camera-clicking enthusiasts, this will suffice but for those seeking its more spiritual essence, head for a dervish monastery (a tekke) where the entire [...]

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