19 10, 2023

Circle the Wagons in Alberta’s Badlands

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By Chris McBeath If you grew up in the 50s and 60s, TV shows like Wagon Train, The Rifleman, Rawhide and other Westerns were de rigueur. “Circle the wagons” was the battle cry and the Lone Ranger – “Hiyo, Silver!” – was our masked crusader. Today, reruns of these noir favorites have become so au courant they are driving demand to relive the Wild West as it once was, [...]

19 10, 2023

Snow Shoe Adventures in the Land of Beyond

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By Chris McBeath His bright eyes locked onto mine, glistening like black pearls set in an all-white landscape. We each stood poised for a face-off, frozen like the hooded shapes around us. Then, quite unexpectedly, he looked down at my feet from the end of his long nose, scrunched it up in taunting disdain, and scampered off into the undergrowth. I can’t say I blame him. The Showshoe Hare’s [...]

18 10, 2023

Canoe the Canadian Wild

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By Chris McBeath The tent foundered between two spindly jack pines, looking more like a failed IKEA challenge than a domicile. It wouldn’t have passed Boy Scout’s muster but as we scrambled beneath its crumpled green sheets, our rakish habitat provided dry refuge from the sudden torrential downpour. It wasn’t quite what I had imagined when embarking on our quintessential Canadian adventure but if there’s one thing to learn [...]

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