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19 12, 2023

Taking Flight in South Texas

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By Chris McBeath There were, perhaps, 150 of them, swirling around our heads like a scene out of Hitchock’s movie, The Birds, and still we couldn’t get enough. Every few minutes, another group of five or six Green Parakeets would join the squawking social gathering that had taken temporary residence on the telephone lines above. With our binoculars trained skyward, we could see the intimate antics of each bird [...]

18 12, 2023

Teeing off along the RTJ Trail

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By Chris McBeath Stretching from one end of Alabama to the next, with 432 holes of world-class golf on ten sites, the Robert Trent Jones Trail can only be described as a Golfer’s Nirvana. But don’t just take our word for it, the New York Times calls it “… some of the best public golf on Earth”, Golf Magazine describes it as “… the American golfer’s equivalent of Disney [...]

14 12, 2023

Windjamming Sails into a Bygone Era

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By Chris McBeath The cheers from below fueled my courage. Still, with every step the air currents seemed ever stronger, my knuckles grew ever whiter as my fingers clutched the rigging, and my refrains of ‘Yo Ho Ho’ sang out with ever decreasing bravado. But there was little choice. My ascent was a matter of honor borne out of a cheery time the evening before when I had blithely [...]

12 12, 2023

Desert Waters

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By Chris McBeath As Nevada’s scorching desert sun soaked into my shoulders and back, I tingled all over at the prospect of plunging into the cool Mohave waters. And with only desert hills, the scent of sagebrush and a family of big-horn sheep for company, I inched forward until SWOOSH, GIGGLE, SPLASH, the heat of my naked body met its chill factor. But within minutes, I was back on [...]

12 12, 2023

Fire and Water

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Hanging Ten with Oahu’s Fire Fighters By Chris McBeath There were 15 of us, all lined up like beached whales flailing our arms in the air, kicking our feet into the soft Hawaiin sand, and trying to be very attentive. But that was easier said than done. The distractions were intoxicating - sun, surf, and bronzed cut bodies of firemen who looked as if they had stepped out [...]

1 12, 2023

Coastal Georgia

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By Chris McBeath When the temperature rises, there’s no better time to head to the coast and while there’s no denying that sun-drenched beaches beckon, coastal Georgia has so much more to explore. With subtropical beauty and abundant wildlife, it manages to strike a balance between some of the wealthiest communities in the country and some of the most jealously protected preserves found anywhere. Until recently, large segments of [...]

30 11, 2023

Daytona’s Dozen

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For the Entire Family By Chris McBeath When you think of Daytona, three things usually come to mind: bikers, beaches and NASCAR racing. Sure, bikers still rule this beachside community for one week each Spring, but visit Daytona at any other time of the year and you’ll discover that it’s reinventing itself as an action-packed destination for the entire family. And the changes are evolving with the speed [...]

9 11, 2023

Top Ten Key West

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By Chris McBeath Lying at the southernmost point of the United States, just 90 miles north of Cuba, Key West rests at the end of a raffish string of islands that attracts all manner of souls whose hearts beat to a different drummer – fishermen, salvagers, ecologists, writers, poets, artists, and national leaders. Many of these folks are known only by their first name … which is exactly the [...]

8 11, 2023

Top Ten Tucson

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By Chris McBeath Fall and Spring are great times to travel to Arizona. The snowbirds are roosting in home nests so tee-off times are easy to book; temperatures aren’t scorching the asphalt; and fashion savvy sales are a great way to gear up for a season north of the 49th. Best of all are the travel deals, especially in and around Tucson, the upstart rival to high-brow Phoenix and [...]

2 11, 2023

Tucson Hideaway is the Stuff of Legends

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By Chris McBeath The night sky was better than any firework festival and from our grandstand seats at La Hacienda del Sol, it was a mesmerizing show. Sometimes there was muffled thunder but usually, it was like watching a silent movie. When mid-summer storms come to Tucson, they travel across the sands as fast as a roadrunner speeds for cover. And watching the show from the serenity of La [...]

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