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14 08, 2023

Intimately Wild in the Galapagos

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By Chris McBeath A UNESCO protected eco reserve and outside of the poppy seed, probably Ecuador’s most lucrative treasures, The Galapagos Islands Park offer a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Navigating Your Adventure Getting here is not inexpensive, and since the volcanic archipelago is scattered over 45000 sq km (17,000 sq mi) of equatorial ocean cruising becomes part of your package. Small cruise vessel operators proliferate; your best value [...]

14 08, 2023

Cruising the Amazon on the Cheap

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By Chris McBeath Since chickens and bananas dictate your itinerary, cruise might be a misnomer for this meander up an Amazon tributary in northern Peru, but for adventurers, it doesn’t get much better – or cheaper. But be warned. Accommodation is intimately communal. Meals are whatever the tiny galley dishes up out of pots large enough for a stewed possum or two. And facilities include humidity-killer cold showers (remember, [...]

31 07, 2023

Costa Rica’s Quirky Gems

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By Chris McBeath Most people come to Costa Rica for its tropical climes, secluded beaches, and endless eco adventures. For those who think they know the landscapes, or prefer a less trodden path, here are some gems to discover. 1. San Lucas Island This one-time penal island – Costa Rica’s Alcatraz - has been transformed into a national wildlife refuge where howler monkeys, snakes, deer, pheasants and [...]

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