19 12, 2023

Outback Safaris Reveal Dominican Republic Disparities

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By Chris McBeath Hispaniola is an island divided. The larger portion comprises the Dominican Republic, best known for its lushly appointed beachside resorts set against hills of tropical rainforest. However, beyond those hills and a highly patrolled, barbed wire border lies hurricane-ravaged Haiti, one of the poorest and most distressed countries in the world. It's a dichotomy that rarely touches the consciousness of visitors, yet to the observant eye, [...]

14 12, 2023

Caribbean’s Conch Culture

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By Chris McBeath When I think of the Turks & Caicos archipelago, captivating images of coral reefs, dazzling white sands, aquamarine waters and cerulean blue skies seduce my thoughts. Naturally, my imagination has photo shopped them to a perfection that reflects reality. Or does it? In truth, donkeys, horses and cattle still have right of way on many of the region’s islands, quays and spits. The tempo is soft [...]

2 12, 2023

Unexpected Treasures of the Caribbean

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By Chris McBeath We landed smack down in the middle of their soccer practice, taxiing up the rough, grassy airstrip that moments before, had seen the centre forward thrust a ball headlong into the net. Islanders on Little Cayman take their soccer seriously, and with an upcoming inter-island championship, our De Haviland Otter had rudely interrupted vital practice. But when you consider the airstrip doubles as a soccer field, [...]

23 10, 2023

Red Cherries and Sour Sops

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Antigua's Lesser Known Delights By Chris McBeath If there are two things that epitomize the British, it's tea and cricket. Put them together (which the game of cricket actually does with an official 'tea interval'), and you discover a world of "sledging", "mully grubbers", "daisy cutters" and a variety of "ducks" - hairy, golden and otherwise. Such are the linguistic peculiarities of cricket, which in Antigua also constitute [...]

14 10, 2023

Curaçao’s Dark Past Shapes a Bright Future

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By Chris McBeath The tiny Dutch island of Curaçao (pronounced cure-a-SOW) is a curious blend of architectural styles and cultures. The people range from European sophisticates to traditional medicine women. The market stalls in the streets of Willemstad, the island's picturesque capital, are filled with the catch of fishermen who cross the 35-mile stretch of open water from Venezuela. While the Spanish were the first to lay claim to [...]

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