23 10, 2023

All Star Wrestling, Gambian Style

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By Chris McBeath It was a Coca Cola umbrella that first caught my eye. It seemed somewhat incongruous, flailing around in the middle of traditional Africa ... rather like the opening scene from the movie Even the Gods Must Be Crazy. For a moment, I mused if the parent company was taking a stranger-than-fiction moment and propelling it into a larger-than-life television commercial until a sharp, shrill whistle jarred [...]

19 08, 2023

A Botswana Sanctuary

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Water for Elephants By Chris McBeath for Travel Writers Tales Travel across Africa’s landscape, and chances are you will weep at its beauty, its contradictions and its challenges. Find yourself at Botswana’s Elephant Sands Bush Lodge, and chances are it will change your perspective on a part of the world where the qualities of nature and nurture are driving a hard bargain, especially for the African [...]

14 08, 2023

Morocco’s Mountain Market

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By Chris McBeath We were high in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, surrounded by Berbers and beautiful, but inhospitable country. “Take off your jewelry, leave your wallets with the driver; and don’t leave my side”. Our instructions were more like orders and for one uneasy moment, as my husband and I exchanged nervous glances, we wondered if this was how neophytes were seconded into white slavery. But we really wanted to explore [...]

31 07, 2023

Namibia’s Shifting Sands

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By Chris McBeath Namibia has many names. The bushman call it The Land God Made in Anger. Seafaring Portuguese named its coastline the Gates of Hell, likely for the hundreds of shipwrecks still wallowing in the shallow waters. And others speak of A Thirstland Wilderness. Intriguing, harsh, and beautiful, Namibia is all these things. It is also a country of colossal contrasts. Wedged between two enormous deserts, the Kalahari [...]

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