25 10, 2023

Nice Rice in Borneo

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By Chris McBeath We had been dancing like birds for over 40 minutes, feeling more like a species of funky chicken than the graceful, Malaysian egret we were supposed to be imitating. But to our hosts, participating in this traditional Samazau dance of Borneo was a distinct honour, so with arms out to our sides, hands gently waving in the wind, we pivoted rhythmically around one foot, before dizziness [...]

24 10, 2023

Yes! We Have no Bananas

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By Chris McBeath We gazed at each other for several minutes, curious, watching and barely breathing in case we disturbed the moment. Once in a while his eyes gave way to another distraction but always, they came back. Then, quite unexpectedly, his elastic lips blew me a kiss and when I returned the compliment, he flashed a toothy grin, threw his head back in seeming delight and swung a [...]

5 10, 2023

Crossing the Canopy

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For Travel Writers Tales By Chris McBeath It was 5:30 am, a time when the jungle shifts its consciousness between night and day. Cicadas pierced the dawn with their screeching whine like a siren that would have you believe you were still in a city. But this was no urban jungle, it was the real thing. Located at the end of a two-hour drive over an earthen road, [...]

18 08, 2023

Along the Tracks of Time

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By Chris McBeath As the whistle blows, we are ushered aboard The North Borneo Train and immediately we have stepped back in time. Within minutes, the station master calls "All Aboard" and the wood burning British Vulcan engine hisses steam into the morning sunshine, and heralds our departure. Slowly we begin to move, rumbling over the tracks out of the Tanjung Aru [...]

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