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BEYOND THE BEACHES : Outback Safaris reveal Dominican Republic Disparities

By Chris McBeath Hispaniola is an island divided. The larger portion comprises the Dominican Republic, best known for its lushly appointed beachside resorts set against hills of tropical rainforest. Beyond those hills, however, and a highly patrolled, barbed wire border lies hurricane-ravaged Haiti, one of the poorest and most[...]

Red Cherries and Sour Sops: Antigua’s Lesser Known Delights

By Chris McBeath If there are two things that epitomize the British, it's tea and cricket. Put them together (which the game of cricket actually does with an official 'tea interval'), and you discover a world of "sledging", "mully grubbers", "daisy cutters" and a variety of "ducks" - hairy,[...]

Curaçao’s Dark Past Shapes a Bright Future

By Chris McBeath The tiny Dutch island of Curaçao (pronounced cure-a-SOW) is a curious blend of architectural styles and cultures. The people range from European sophisticates to traditional medicine women. The market stalls in the streets of Willemstad, the island's picturesque capital, are filled with the catch of fishermen[...]

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