27 10, 2023

Behind the Scenes of London’s Grandest Stages

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For Travel Writers Tales By Chris McBeath If discovering the secrets of superstitions of some of London’s grandest stages is a mouthwatering temptation, then the West End is where it’s at. The Theatre Royal There’s a ghost or two in London’s oldest, continuously running theatre – Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Actor Charles Macken still nudges actors to recall forgotten lines, and watch for the man in grey [...]

23 10, 2023

Amberley Castle is Camelot in Disguise

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By Chris McBeath On a whim, I had opened the private, oak door from our bedroom and crept up the dark, narrow stone spiral stairway; it was lit only by the moonlight piercing through the narrow shafts of the thick castle walls. As the sound of my feet echoed back trough the centuries, I wondered how many had gone before me. Now, standing on the battlements while my husband [...]

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