12 12, 2023

Fire and Water

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Hanging Ten with Oahu’s Fire Fighters By Chris McBeath There were 15 of us, all lined up like beached whales flailing our arms in the air, kicking our feet into the soft Hawaiin sand, and trying to be very attentive. But that was easier said than done. The distractions were intoxicating - sun, surf, and bronzed cut bodies of firemen who looked as if they had stepped out [...]

5 08, 2023

Surf to Science

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Hawaii's Hidden Dimension By Chris McBeath For many visitors, Hawaii's balmy sunshine, rolling surf and soft sand is the total story but for the curious of heart, the islands' unique and isolated position offers the inquisitive traveler much more Ancient Lava Pictographs Hiking Hawaii lava fields New Earth Nowhere is this better experienced than on Hawaii, the Big Island. Here, tropical jungles edge up [...]

5 08, 2023

Mystic Medicines of Healing Hawaii

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By Chris McBeath There’s a compelling mysticism about traditional Hawaiian healing practices that is only now coming to light.  Although for generations, the Kahunas (wisdom keepers) have protected their knowledge, there is groundswell of interest in their seemingly magic ways -- in part to counter a culture of high-tech medicines, and in part because the Kahunas themselves recognize the need for balance between the two worlds. And nowhere is this [...]

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